The Social Network Rundown 2018 – What’s the Smartest Route for Your Business? (Part 3)

Matthew 11th March 2018 0 Comments

Social media marketing is the go-to tactic for so many, particularly those with tight budgets. Whatever your budget however, flexing your creative muscles and putting your brand out there socially is a strategy relied upon by businesses big and small, and can garner excellent results when done correctly.

As we’ve mentioned in part one and part two of our social network rundown, choosing the right platforms to showcase your brand and what it does best isn’t easy. There are just so many options available and whilst we’ve covered the most well-known networks, and their pros and cons, the lesser known social media platforms are well worth a look in too. Read on to discover the delights of the social networks that don’t immediately come to mind, and find out more about whether they’ll work for you.


Seen as something of a failure on the social network scene, Google+ is still being utilised by a number of users. Those looking to share visuals find Google+ particularly enthusing, with photography groups in particular thriving on this social network.

Just one photography group, Street Photographers, had 430,317 members as of March 2018, with each sharing a boatload of images every single day. As a whole, Google+ has 395,250,000 active members, with the average time spent on Google+ 3 minutes and 57 seconds according to Statistic Brain. Stats that make participating in the relevant communities/groups favourable for those looking to share niche visuals to promote their brand.


Tumblr is a social network that may not be considered one, but has tons of plus points for the right businesses. Again like Google+, Instagram – Love Instagram? Find more Instagram marketing tips here – and many social networks, visuals prosper here. Photos and GIFs do particularly well alongside its many blog posts. Known more as a blogging platform than a social network, the communities that surround well-regarded blogs are gold dust in the social media marketing world. You’ll face some stiff competition though; Statista reports that Tumblr users have generated more than 148 billion posts, content that attracts some 738 million unique visitors worldwide.


Another social network not seen as a social network. The official blog for story sharing, StumbleUpon now drives more traffic than Reddit. 754,701 websites have used StumbleUpon to date, and with its advertising opportunities mentioned in the same breath as Facebook Advertising, its popularity is predicted to increase steadily over the coming year, particularly as content marketing becomes more important than ever for increasing reach, boosting brand identity and enhancing conversion rates online. Sharing on StumbleUpon is an easy way of pushing your content even further afield. For more great resources for content sharing please read our top tools for content distribution.

Our Social Network Rundown series may have come to an end but we’re here if you need a little help with social media marketing. Contact us today to get started. Missed parts one and two? Check them out here and here.

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