GDPR is Coming and There’s No Skirting Around It

Matthew 13th March 2018 0 Comments

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline is on the horizon – I think we’ve mentioned that one before. In fact, after months (and months) of asking whether your website is ready for GDPR, it’s rather crept up on us, but did you know that the regulation applies to businesses based or operating outside of the EU too?

GDPR compliance affects more areas of your business than you may realise, from your operations outside of the EU to the direct marketing campaigns at the heart of your brand’s promotional activities. A fact that makes managing GDPR compliance now, as a whole, even more essential. Whether you’re a company looking to do away with your code of ethics and skirt around GDPR to save time and money or, as we’d certainly recommend, one wanting to get into the spirit of the new regulations, we’re here to show you how the impact of GDPR can be countered and embraced with a bit of good, old fashioned brand management in the weeks and months ahead.

Removing EU subscribers from the equation

Companies outside of the European Union are going to the extreme measure of actively blocking EU subscribers to protect their own customers from the time and cost implications associated with GDPR compliance. A recent survey revealed that UK firms are spending £1.3 million to comply with GDPR ahead of the May deadline, an expense that many SMEs and large corporations will be looking to avoid.

A company gathering data from a single EU citizen is required to use GDPR compliant processes to collect and use personal data. This makes the prospect of simply blocking EU citizens from subscribing to your marketing correspondence in the first place rather attractive indeed, particularly for those utilising automated marketing products and tools. These products and tools make removing subscribers by location or time zone simple but, as popular marketing tool Drip describes, the process of preventing EU citizens from subscribing isn’t as easy. Amongst other tools, Drip cannot completely prevent EU citizens from subscribing, which makes the removal of subscribers from your email list an ongoing (and even daily) struggle. Rules can be created to block EU citizens from subscribing and text added to subscription forms to deter Eurozone based customers for extra assurance.

Using only GDPR compliant tools

Blocking EU subscribers is simply not an option for many businesses, meaning GDPR compliance is something that can’t be skirted around. Any company who operates within the EU, sells products or services to EU citizens, monitors the behaviour of EU citizens, or gathers and handles the personal data of EU based citizens, must take the relevant steps to ensure compliance or face hefty fines.

In addition to refining your email marketing activities for compliance and other areas of your website and direct marketing campaigns, seeking advice from an expert in GDPR is recommended. There is after all no hard-and-fast, step-by-step list of to dos for you to tick off to become compliant, requirements vary greatly from business to business. Using only GDPR compliant marketing products, tools and services is a must when conquering the daunting challenge that is GDPR compliance.

Need help making your marketing processes fully compliant? Our team is well-versed in GDPR and already uses fully compliant techniques and tools to make things happen both online and off. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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