We’ve Had a Rebrand!

Matthew 28th March 2019 0 Comments

If you keep up to date with us or follow us on social media, you have probably noticed that things are looking a little bit different… And that’s because we’ve had a rebrand!

We have come a long way since Square Media was founded in 2013. We’ve undergone a significant transformation; introducing many new services, welcoming new team members and working with a number of fantastic new clients. Square Media had grown and matured significantly, and the branding certainly needed to reflect that.

We decided that it was time to totally refresh our brand, to better reflect the outlook and objectives that have evolved over the recent years.  We wanted to completely renew our impact as a company, without losing the foundations we started on.

So, what’s new?


Our talented designer created a new logo – keeping the original square and the initials we are known by but modernising it, by taking the plunge and incorporating some bold new brand colours, while also retaining its professionalism with simple fonts. Our new logo simply speaks for itself – It’s bright, professional and adaptable, just like the team at Square Media.

Take a look at our logo transformation below…

Logo compared

New Website

Our in-house programmers have also been hard at work; creating a brand new website to demonstrate the brand overhaul and improve the user experience. As well as reflecting our new brand, the new-and-improved website is now even better at showcasing the full range of services we offer.

We’re so pleased to be able to share the new Square Media brand with you at last. It’s not just about a fresh image for us, either. It represents how far Square Media has come over the last six years, as it matures into an established name, evolving year on year…

And there are certainly many more exciting times ahead!

Are you thinking about giving your brand a face-lift, or just a little ‘nip and tuck’ here and there? If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, get in touch with our team of experts today!

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