The Best Christmas TV Adverts of 2020

Matthew 10th December 2020 0 Comments

It’s that time of the year again: the big brands release their Christmas adverts in a bid to compete for the top spot for the UK’s greatest festive ad.

In this post, you can watch the brand-new festive releases from the biggest brands and retailers including the much-anticipated John Lewis advert.

Here’s the best of the 2020 releases so far…

John Lewis: Give a Little Love (of course)

Absolutely no surprise here. You can bet your bottom dollar that any article, video or review about the best Christmas TV adverts, will feature a John Lewis advert somewhere.

Might we be right in saying that John Lewis pretty much started this whole Christmas TV ad battle?

The year’s ad is inspired by the ‘kindness’ of the British public during the COVID-19 pandemic and is made up of nine short stories, each depicting an act of kindness.

Disney: From Our Family to Yours

Get your tissues ready for this one. Disney’s first-ever Christmas ad tells the story of the super special bond between a grandmother and her granddaughter who both share the same love of Disney.

We challenge you not to cry.

McDonald’s: Inner Child

This ad follows a mum and her son as she tries to connect with him, while he’s experiencing those ‘typical teenage’ years and just wants to act cool.

Cue the McDonald’s drive-thru trip…

Long story short, the trip brings our the inner child in the mum and the son, and they have a giggle and a cuddle over the McDonalds.

Although the ad is fantastic, the real star of the show is the song; Becky Hill’s version of “Forever Young” originally by Bob Dylan.

The campaign marks the fourth year of #ReindeerReady.

Argos: Book of Dreams

A fun one.

This ad hooks us in with a nostalgic scene of two sisters looking through the Argos catalogue who then circle a magic set they wish to receive for Christmas – something we can all relate too… we all did this, right?

Once the two sisters receive their magic set, the ad takes us through the journey of make-believe that the sisters have created, demonstrating the amount of joy and fun a present can give a child on Christmas day.

This TV ad by Argos really brings back the feeling of intense excitement that we all felt as children on Christmas day.

Amazon: The Show Must Go On

Amazon’s ‘the show must go on’ Christmas advert is one we can all relate to. We have all have to give up something we love this year due to the pandemic, and 17-year-old French ballet dancer Taïs Vinolo is no exception.

Their message this year is that although Christmas will be very different this year,  we can still celebrate – with the help of Amazon, of course.


A humble ad that focuses on giving at Christmas, referencing the difficult year the country has had due to COVID-19.

The ad follows two young brothers who stand outside their local Co-op store, singing a rendition of Oasis’ song, ‘Round Are Way’, in a bid to lift the spirits of their local community.

This uplifting advert shows us that everyone can do their bit to spread some festive cheer this Christmas, even if you only have a guitar and your little brother to hand.

We later discovered that these two brothers are in fact real-life brothers, which made it all the more heart-warming.

Lidl: Big on a Christmas You Can Believe In

This year, Lidl went for something a bit different, and we applaud them!

Their latest advert begins like most traditionally do, by panning over a snow-covered town with piano chords playing in the background. However, a few seconds in, the ad takes a different turn.

The tongue-in-cheek ad features a playful parody that makes fun of some of the overused and unrealistic terms and scenes other retailers use in their festive ads.

Listen out for them – We particularly like the Kevin The Carrot dig and the line, “emotional gravy” (sorry Aldi).

It’s safe to say that it wouldn’t really feel like Christmas without the annual battle for the best-most-emotionally-heart-warming Christmas advert on TV.

Do you have a favourite? Let us know!