A Partnership For Growth

Matthew 18th November 2020 0 Comments

Regional Business Coaching provider partners with leading Marketing Agency to offer exceptional growth opportunities to Northamptonshire businesses

Leading Northamptonshire-based Digital Marketing Agency, Square Media, and specialist business coaching provider ActionCOACH Oakham & Welland Valley, the local hub of the National Coaching organisation have announced their exciting new partnership.

Following months of talks, the two businesses announced the joint partnership that would not only enhance their service offering but would also offer many benefits to business owners in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas.

The new partnership is an exciting journey for both businesses, providing an even more comprehensive service offering for Square Media, and the advanced opportunity for ActionCOACH to connect with more local business owners and help them to achieve their goals.

Providing businesses with such an exceptional and varied offering will undoubtedly benefit businesses of all sizes across the county and beyond, particularly during this uncertain and worrying time. Now more than ever, it’s essential that business owners have access to everything they need to market their businesses effectively, as well as ensuring they are running their businesses to the best of their ability. The partnership between Square Media and ActionCOACH offers just that.

Matthew, Director of Square Media said: “In our line of work, we speak with businesses at all stages of their growth; from start-ups with an idea, through to global enterprises with a full internal marketing team. A partnership with ActionCOACH enables us to offer so much more to our clients. Not only does the partnership ensure we can deliver a full-outsourced marketing team, we can also introduce specialist coaches to business owners & directors to help guide their strategic direction.”

So, what does this mean for business owners?

Businesses owners across Northamptonshire and surrounding counties can expect to see an enhanced service offering from both Square Media and ActionCOACH. The partnership will offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ service, which will provide business owners with exceptional consultancy and coaching services from the best in the business, along with access to a team of professional marketers that can help put the plan into action.

The partnership is a true solution to the problem business owners once faced; having to work with multiple agencies and consultants to achieve success. Instead, the partnership between Square Media and ActionCOACH offers all the benefits of two separate service providers; only they will both work together towards the SAME goals. This could only ever be beneficial for business owners.

Rupert, MD of ActionCOACH Oakham and Welland Valley said: “ActionCOACH Oakham & Welland Valley are firm believers in businesses working together and this partnership enables us to deliver the best possible services to our customers. We want to build strong relationships with local businesses so that we understand what they are trying to achieve in their local business community. The partnership will allow us to get to know each other’s customers, learn about their business and get a better understanding of how we can help them achieve their goals.”

What does this mean for Square Media and ActionCOACH?

In addition to offering such significant advantages to businesses small and large, the partnership will also extend the service offering of both companies, which is something that they would be unable to offer alone.

Matthew, Director of Square Media, explained: “Rupert coaches, we consult, plan and implement; between us we help our clients achieve growth’ We aim to be a full outsourced marketing team, with all parts of the marketing mix covered under one roof. We’re excited to offer our clients more value, and ultimately, we’re excited about the potential to help our clients grow more, grow smarter and grow faster!

As a business we are continually adapting and expanding our service offering to provide our clients with a true one-stop-shop for all of their business growth needs; predominantly, and perhaps not surprisingly, through their marketing efforts. We recognise that a partnership with ActionCOACH ensures that our clients can not only gain access to our wealth of marketing knowledge, but specialist coaching services to work alongside their marketing strategy. ActionCOACH can provide a plan for the businesses growth; our Marketing efforts can ensure that plan is delivered.”

Rupert explained: “At ActionCOACH Oakham & Welland Valley we aim to make support available to all local business owners through a variety of methods. Many of the business owners we work with are not big enough to have their own marketing team, so we are thrilled to be working with a local marketing company who seeks first to understand what a company is trying to achieve, develop a strategy to achieve the results and to then be able to provide the day to day service to deliver it!

The partnership will grant us access to a number of local businesses we haven’t previously had contact with. They will get to know our ActionCOACH team and see how we have helped other businesses just like them. It also means we get to meet these businesses, and really get an understanding of their needs. “

If you would like to discuss how Square Media or ActionCOACH can help you achieve exponential growth and success, get in touch with our Commercial Manager Steve Rees on 03303 800 630 or ActionCOACH Managing Director Rupert Turton on 01572 497 030

Square Media and ActionCOACH will be running their first event together on the 21st January 2021. The event will be run online as a webinar and designed to help businesses plan their marketing for the year ahead. The event is FREE and all participants will be sent the presentation after the event along with an invitation for a free marketing consultation.

Square Media and ActionCOACH have already started taking bookings and places are limited. However, if you book early you should be able to secure your place and get 2021 off to a flying start! To secure your FREE ticket, click here.