Our Top Tips for Email Marketing Success

Matthew 20th May 2020 0 Comments

Whether it’s creating content for an email or building your subscriber list; when it comes to email marketing, there is always something new to learn and improve on. As a result of this, it is easy to see why marketers and business owners with limited time and resource struggle to keep up with regular email marketing…

Here at Square Media, we are here to help, and that is why we have compiled a list of our top 5 tips for successfully running email campaigns.

1) Quality Over Quantity

Just like most things in life – always think ‘quality over quantity’…

One of the fundamental components of an engaging email campaign is the quality of your content. Forget about sending multiple email campaigns in a week (as let’s face it – no one has time for that), and it will likely result in a high level of unsubscribes.

Instead, focus on writing emails that your subscribers are interested in reading and will engage with. Always ensure your campaigns provide value to your subscribers by thinking “what would they like to read?”

2) Make Your Emails Mobile-Friendly

In a world where many of us are reading emails on our phones on the go, it is crucial that your emails are fully responsive and readable on all mobile devices. Your email must respond to the type of screen (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) that your user is using and subsequently, render accordingly to provide a friendly user experience.

The last thing your subscriber wants is to have a difficult time reading your emails, ultimately – one negative experience means the customer could lose total faith in your brand and unsubscribe.

3) Make Your Emails Accessible to Readers With Visual Impairments

Accessible content looks set to be a hot topic for email marketing in 2020. Email accessibility essentially means having content that can be accessed by visually impaired subscribers using voice assistants and screen readers.

There are a few things that you can do to make sure your emails are accessible:

  • Make sure your content is short and concise by using bullet points and short sentences.
  • Avoid difficult words.
  • Use headers so that screen readers can figure the hierarchy of text.
  • Provide helpful descriptions in the alt tags of any images.
  • Choose a font, layout and colours that make the email as readable as possible!

4) Personalise Your Campaigns!

Personalising your email for every recipient will improve open rates, engagement rates and click-throughs. Write your email as if you are writing personally to one person by using the recipients first name, speaking directly in the first person using words such as ‘you’ and sign off with your name rather than your corporate brand name. By doing this, the subscriber will read the email as if it is coming from a real person.

To go that one step further, you can personalise the content by utilising data to tailor the email to what material the recipient engages with, giving your emails more impact as you are sending more relevant messages.

5) Add Social Sharing Buttons

By including links to social media accounts in your email with social sharing buttons, it allows you to further promote your email and enable subscribers to share your content with their friends, family and followers. This will help to generate new leads and ultimately will allow you to access a greater audience than those already subscribed to your list.

If you need help with effectively running your email campaigns, get in touch with us today – we will have the biscuits ready!