UI vs UX – The Difference

Matthew 22nd May 2019 0 Comments

People often confuse User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) and usually use the terms interchangeably. Ultimately, both are equally important and work hand in hand with each other, but it helps to know the difference. In Layman terms, UX is how it works and UI is how it looks, it’s a process vs. the presentation and interactivity.

UI Design

The UI, or user interface, is typically the job of a graphic designer. Someone who has the responsibility of designing the layout, visuals and any elements in-between. The sole purpose is to provide an aesthetically pleasing design incorporating all required elements and their interaction with each other and the user. An effective and elegant design can really affect how the user interacts with your website, if it’s blocky and dull it’s more likely they will leave the page within seconds. However, a design that attracts and intrigues the audience urges them to see more and interact further throughout the pages – and even influence their decision to buy your product or service.


The user experience is all about how the user interacts with the website, app or software. It’s like the user journey, getting from A to B throughout the pages. For example, the journey from ordering a product from a clothing store, up until the point of putting in your card details – how easy and smooth was the journey from the point of ordering? The UX should feel logical and intuitive, making sure the user has every bit of information needed to navigate to where they need to be.

They are very much concerned more on the functionality and organisation of the website/application, with an end goal of creating a seamless experience for the target audience. User Experience isn’t always perfect, it takes time to iterate from the initial experience and is constantly being adjusted over time. UX designers take feedback from both the users and UI designers.

So, it’s rather obvious that UX and UI designers both need to work together, along with the input of feedback from people who use the application. Both have come a long way over the past years with the emergence of different design and development technologies, it is now possible to extend the creativity and elegance of websites and is only becoming more creative and seamless.

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