What makes our SEO approach different?

Matthew 18th June 2018 0 Comments

A question we are often asked…. What exactly makes us different to our competitors? To this, the answer is surprisingly simple. We’re transparent, we’re honest, and we’re results driven.

Unlike most digital marketing agencies, we are focused on maximizing the delivery of growth that each of our clients go through as a direct result of the work that we do for them. We don’t look for services that we can simply upsell regardless of the benefit for the client – we make honest recommendations based on what we think our clients should be doing. With our teams combined experience, we have a lot of knowledge and expertise in a large range of industries that can be easily applied to other clients and even in other similar industries.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, strategies can vary massively depending on the industry that you’re trying to gain more visibility in. Some methods work better for one industry than they do for another, and this is one hurdle that most agencies don’t seem to be able to get past.

There’s a process of constant analysis and brainstorming that needs to take place to effectively market a business online, and SEO is no different… Figuring out which methods yield the most return-on-investment are vital to creating and delivering an effective marketing campaign.

Where some agencies look only at technical things such as Meta Information and Sitemaps as some of the only things that should be optimized for SEO, we take a different approach; we look at everything! Meta Information & Sitemaps are of course part of the core SEO strategy and should be looked over every few months to include newly targeted keywords, but there are plenty of other areas of your Digital Presence that should be considered. Google MyBusiness posts, AMP technology, different kinds of Schema Markup, building genuine backlink profiles, content promotion, blogging, outreach, public relations etc. etc. etc…. All these things are vital to pulling through more traffic to your website and most agencies don’t even do them!

Our biggest USP is our transparency. We have no need to lie to our clients or manipulate data on reports. We offer free marketing consultancy to all of our SEO / digital marketing clients and keeping them up to date with any new marketing methods & platforms, for example; changes to Google’s algorithms and the release of new tools that are constantly being created by large publishers (like Google). As a forward thinking and adaptive company, we work together with our clients to constantly enhance their digital marketing efforts; taking their Digital Presence further and adapting in the fastest changing community in the world (The Internet).

If you’re looking to start pushing your business more online, whether it be through Search Engine Optimisation or another one of our many services that we offer – simply get in touch and we’d be happy to help!

Square Media is Northamptonshire’s premiere Web Design & Marketing Agency experienced in developing effective content and marketing strategies for forward-thinking companies in the local area. Our team of specialists consistently deliver outstanding results working in a variety of areas such as Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing Consultancy, Pay Per Click (PPC) and AdWords Management amongst a wide range of other services.

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