What are the benefits of influencer marketing?

Matthew 4th February 2020 0 Comments

It is incredible to think that the average person spends anywhere from 90 Minutes to 3 hours on social media every day. So, it is no wonder than in the current millennial era, influencer marketing has materialised as one of the fastest growing and most remunerative segments of commercial advertising in the world today!

Although, the prominent growth in success of influencer marketing, the question is still repeatedly asked, what are the true benefits of influencer marketing? Well, let me explain…

Improves Brand Awareness

Influencer marketing fundamentally broadens your social reach and positing in the social marketplace. Social users will begin to learn about your company, brand, company story and most important your product & the solution to the problems they have! The contribution that influencers can make in raising brand awareness are some of the most powerful benefits of social networking.

Influencers are often the considerable driving force behind new movements and trends. So being a hot new concept is one of the many benefits of influencer marketing. They are frequently introducing their audience to new brands & products!

Builds trust

There is a simple ideology behind the trust in a brand that an influencer brings. When a celebrity/social influencer promotes a product, it brings instant trust to your brand. As if, someone with hundreds of thousands of followers is promoting this brand then it must be worthwhile!

The overall idea is that, if a company can get an authoritative person to notice & recognise its brand, it immediately creates a perception that the brand is an industry leader and a credible and trustworthy business

Effectively reaches your target audience

This benefit can not be emphasised enough, relevant influencers put your company In front of its target audience in front of social media users who are already interested in your niche! What is clear with influencer marketing is that it works; consumers are looking to influencers more and more for advice on what products and services to buy.

Even without going into the multiple other benefits it is clear that influencer marketing is the trend setter and going into the new decade it can only be said that marketing with the additional benefit of influencer will only go from strength to strength.

It is no wonder as a result of this that more and more marketing agencies are signing up influencers to help with client marketing work!