Facebook Advertising – the New Features You Need to Know About

Matthew 7th February 2018 0 Comments

Despite recent news that Facebook traffic is down to just 50 million hours per day, we say ‘just’ as this represents a significant drop for the global leading network, Facebook advertising is still an excellent route for so many businesses. There are after all 2.13 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, so what business wouldn’t want to put their brand in front of the masses?

As a business, you’ll face some stiff competition however, 50 million businesses use Facebook Pages and report varying levels of success. Overall Facebook Pages alone has a 2.6% organic reach last time we looked, with those with smaller followings having the highest rates of engagement. Its advertising capabilities also boast some of the highest click-through rates in the industry, despite the average click-through rate across all sectors being just 0.90%. Facebook advertising success has much to do with your industry niche, with some industries (namely the legal sector) enjoying a 1.61% CTR and others (namely the recruitment industry) reporting a pitiful 0.47% CTR.

Facebook is still for many regarded as the most important platform for social media marketing. With the New Year comes a whole host of exciting Facebook Business features, many of which promise to boost interactivity and reach, whichever industry you serve.


Perhaps taking a hint from Google AdWords Express, Facebook has recently expanded its ad creation capabilities. Advertisers can now choose from guided creation and quick creation to ensure Ads Manager is used to the best of its ability. As the name suggests, guided creation walks advertisers through the entire process, perfect if you are new to Facebook Ads. Quick creation does exactly what it says on the tin also by giving advertisers the tools to create ads speedily. Using quick creation, you can create ad sets and individual Facebook advertisements that can be revisited and revised at a later date.


The Ads Manager interface was updated just last September, boasting the new Power Editor amongst other improvements. Fast forward four months, and you can now use this editor to make and publish changes with immediate effect. Using the same tool, you can make edits that will be saved as drafts and able to be published later, giving you ultimate control over just how your ads will evolve.


Creating, customising and scheduling reports has never been so easy, which is excellent news for social media marketers like ourselves who manage various campaigns on behalf of our clients. This isn’t to say the new and improved reporting features aren’t useful for businesses like you. You can now create reports and customise their results in accordance with your specific marketing objectives. Targeting and audience information can also be broken down to specific demographics in accordance with your market research findings.

Not a fan of Facebook? You can find the smartest social networking route for your business thanks to our latest article. Don’t forget, you can also call on our team for guidance and support whatever your social media marketing objectives or platform preferences.

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