How to Make Your Marketing as Cost Effective as Possible

Matthew 9th February 2018 0 Comments

Not everyone has the big marketing budgets that global brands have, yet the benefits of marketing should be embraced by all. There are numerous low-budget marketing techniques that can be explored to satisfy small and start-up businesses alike as well as companies looking to get a handle on spiralling marketing costs. Obtaining maximum exposure for your business shouldn’t after all put a burden on your bottom line. Read on to discover how you can make your marketing as cost effective as possible whilst watching your business, and its revenue, grow…

Position yourself as THE expert

No one knows your business better than you, so why not showcase your expertise by partnering with industry influencers and the media. Local, regional and national press contacts are always looking for expert commentary from experts in their fields. Making your presence known as an expert commentator is as simple as sending an email or making a phone call to introduce yourself to media representatives throughout your industry.

You can become a spokesperson for your industry online too by posting to forums, joining and participating in LinkedIn groups, submitting letters to the trade publications that are relevant to your industry, and commenting on industry specific news stories. Your quote or insight may not get you the biggest byline but each will help to cement your status as a trusted expert within your field, leaving new and existing customers flocking to do business with your brand.

Win big at industry awards

There’s nothing like an accolade win to successfully market your business in the sector you reside in. Most industry sectors host business awards, and in many cases you can enter yourself for consideration. Most business awards are also free to enter, which means just time is spent on this marketing activity.

Host your own business event

Another way to showcase your expertise and connect with those interested in what your business does, webinars and workshops are an excellent and affordable marketing must. The possibilities are endless when hosting your own business event, and you can even adapt your event theme to align directly with your marketing objectives. For instance, an established hairdresser may want to showcase its salon’s beauty services too. What better time to run a wedding beauty how-to webinar for those interested in looking their best on their big day.

Hosting your own business event in a niche you know and are passionate about is a great way to generate leads for your business quickly.

Get out there and mingle

Attending business events that others are hosting is another low cost marketing tactic, and we’re pleased to report that Northamptonshire is a hive of activity on the networking front. Attend top business networking events in your area, and get your name, and your business’, out there to key professionals.

Hire a pro like us

Here at Square Media, we work with clients with varying marketing budgets. Our diverse range of marketing services ensures you can promote your brand and its wares with your audience and business objectives in mind. Our team also keep up with the latest marketing trends so you don’t have to to ensure a complete solution to all your marketing needs.

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