Fresh Start? Scrap That, Here’s 4 Ways to Make Use of Old Content

Matthew 11th January 2018 0 Comments

It was just last year that the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs’ benchmark study reported that over 60% of marketers with B2B clients found their content marketing efforts had been more effective than the year before. 12 months on and 2018 is all set to provide endless inspiration for all manner of content marketing activity, but whilst everyone is looking for the emerging trends that will pave the way to content marketing success, many are overlooking one glaring triumph of 2017.

Repurposing old content used to be something of a faux pas years ago, with unique copy the go-to clause for all. A hidden online marketing gem, repurposing is an excellent way to make the time and effort that has gone into each and every piece of content last a little bit longer. Needless to say the results of repurposing aren’t as detrimental to online reputation as first thought. According to LookBookHQ, 6 out of 10 marketers repurpose content up to five times. Repurposing doesn’t have to be restricted to just blog copy either, videos, podcasts, infographics and eBooks can all be repurposed for those brave enough to go against the grain.

Here we share just four ways in which you can repurpose old content to not only make it last twice as long but create shiny, new, brilliant results.

  1. Create a slide and share

Slideshows aren’t what they used to be. With the latest online tools and platforms, you can make slick, easy to read, sharable and attractive presentations at the touch of a button. Better yet you can take your latest blog post, listicle or pretty much any type of content, and present the hell out of it, breathing new life into your old words. SlideShare use is an old favourite for 17% of B2B marketers looking to make an impact with new product launches with the platform’s 70 million users all more than willing to engage with and share great content when they see it.

  1. Make a podcast from your blog (or vice versa)

The number of podcast listeners is on the rise in the UK, which makes this content repurposing tip a great one. A rather unexpected 24% of UK adults aged 15 and over said they listened to a podcast during 2017, so why not turn that interesting blog post that you spent ages researching and turn it into something your audience can listen to? You can also change one of your podcasts into a blog post if the occasion calls for it.

  1. Team words and images

Infographics are three times more likely to be liked and shared on social media than any other content type, it’s a stat we’ve mentioned before, so why not embrace the power of words and pictures by turning your latest eBook, podcast, video or blog post into a veritable treat for the eyes. Infographics are great for jazzing up stats and easily shared across all social networks. There are a number of tools out there to make the creation of infographics easy – Canva and Pixlr are particular favourites.

  1. Republish elsewhere

You’ve worked hard putting those insights and research into words, and whether it is a blog post, eBook excerpt, or video or podcast script you’d like to share that little bit further, there are plenty of websites that will be open to a great idea for a guest blog post. As well as reaching an extended audience and starting a conversation about a subject you’ve got expertise in, guest blogging with a trusted and reputable third party website is a great way to drive traffic to your website and social media channels.

There are many more ways to repurpose your old content and in turn extend the life of each and every article you write, video you record and podcast you produce. Gain great value from your benchmark content and get your words out there to the right people.

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