Google (Finally) Rolls Out Beta Version of New Search Console to All

Matthew 1st February 2018 0 Comments

After much talk and a hell of a lot of testing, it’s finally here. After receiving word via email of Google’s new Search Console, we just had to share the news. We’re pleased to say that in light of the steady information leaks and the trial a few months ago with a limited number of users, the beta version of the new Search Console experience is worth the wait.

Despite holding the biggest search engine market share – Google smashes the opposition with its 74.54% slice of search – optimising your website for Google search hasn’t always been so easy. The new Search Console however could change a few things, thanks to its simplified process of optimisation. Here we talk you through the highlights of what should be a revolution in search engine optimisation.

Search performance

Now equipped with a whopping 16 months’ worth of data, analysing your search performance across an extended period of time is simple. The new reports generated make it easier to analyse and identify the long term trends influencing the success of your PPC advertising initiatives, meaning you can optimise your Google AdWords campaign with the right information. The new Search Performance Report makes year-over-year comparisons possible, and rumour has it Google will be making this data available through your Search Console API in the not so distant future.

Index coverage

Index coverage has been lacking for many SEO specialists like ourselves, but the new Search Console provides another light at the end of the tunnel. The updated reports now give users a better insight into how specific URLs are indexing. The report also flags up potential issues regarding these URLs, giving you all you need to discover why some URLs are indexing better than others.

Search Console will alert you of issues as they’re detected thanks to its issue tracking function. Issues can then be rectified as they occur rather than after the damage is done.

AMP improvements

With the Mobile First Index on its way, it’s no surprise that one of the enhancements of the new Search Console focuses on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). New capabilities ensure AMP can be fine-tuned and associated issues fixed to improve ranking. AMP issues are displayed and fixes recommended to make sure the effort you spend creating mobile pages doesn’t go to waste.

Job postings

If you post vacancies for positions at your company on your website, Google’s job postings improvements will certainly be music to your ears. Whilst the area is still under development, with the job postings report, your listings may be eligible for inclusion on Google for Jobs. That is, if your listings include the right keywords.

Announced just last year, Google for Jobs is a new initiative focused on connecting job seekers with employers. When job seekers use search terms like “Head of Marketing jobs in Northampton” etc., job postings previews will appear at the very top of the search results. Please note, Google for Jobs is currently only available in certain locations.

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