LinkedIn Business Marketing Tips

Matthew 19th December 2018 0 Comments

LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network, with over 562 million users in more than 200 countries. It’s the perfect platform to engage with a professional community, promote you as a person, and your brand.

Some will say, if you don’t have LinkedIn for business, you may just be missing out on a great marketing opportunity…

Here are 8 quick tips to help you market your company page on LinkedIn.

1. Complete your company page

Your company page should provide all the information necessary about your brand, the work you do, and the employees who work for you.

You should have a professional and clean-looking profile picture with a branded profile banner to make your page look neat and professional.

Ensure every single section has been filled out including your company information, social links, and website URLs.

2. Optimise your company page for search

SEO isn’t just for website copy and blogging, you can use SEO on LinkedIn, too! Optimise your profile by adding relevant keywords to help you get discovered. Another great way to optimise your profile for SEO is to link your website and other social media profiles to your company page, and vice versa.

3. Create a consistent content calendar

To keep your followers engaged, you need to be posting content consistently. Aim to post interesting and valuable content at least once a week and increase this gradually. You can use some handy free tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule these posts in advance to ensure your followers are getting regular updates each week.

4. Join groups

Take advantage of LinkedIn groups and use it as an opportunity to not only connect with your customers but to also connect with other link-minded individuals in the same field as you.

Share relevant content within the group that members will find valuable and will engage with, this will also drive further traffic to your website, blog and other social media pages.

5. Share valuable content

Your LinkedIn company page is where you can share news and updates with your professional community. It’s important that you update your page regularly with relevant content that will interest your audience. Some professional ideas would include; valuable tips, industry news, and company developments or achievements.

6. Start a LinkedIn group

Establish yourself as an industry expert by creating a LinkedIn group and generating and sharing valuable content that people with trust and re-share. Involve yourself in relevant discussions and engage with other industry leaders and open up opportunities to generate leads.

7. Avoid hard selling

If every post you publish is trying to sell something, people will eventually switch off and either ignore your posts or unfollow your page altogether. Try and create a balance between engaging content and posts advertising new products and offers.

8. Connect with your employees

Your employees are your businesses biggest advocates, and each one of them will have an abundance of different connections on their profiles. Don’t miss out of this great opportunity to expand your reach. Ensure your employees are following your business profile and that they are sharing your content regularly.

Another great way to get your profile seen through your employees is to ask them to add their position at your company to their profile, which will link through to your profile. Their profiles will also show up on your company page for others to see.

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