Is Outsourced Marketing the Next Step for Your Business?

Matthew 17th August 2017 0 Comments

It’s a fact – no one knows your business better than you! But with 90% of start-ups still failing to make the grade in the UK (CB Insights), there’s certainly no shame in getting a helping hand. Poor marketing, poor products, product launch mistiming, lack of business model, cost issues, no market need and getting quashed by competitors all featured highly in the top 20 reasons why start-up failure rates remain high, but surely outsourcing such important parts of your business is a bad idea? Think again!

With six of the top reasons why start-ups fail attributed to the marketing of a business, outsourcing the marketing of your company may just be the right thing to do. Don’t just take our word for it though, read on and discover the ultimate guide to outsourced marketing, who knows it could just save your start-up…

Why outsourcing is the future

For start-ups in particular, dwindling budgets and non-existent marketing departments are real problems, but with outsourced marketing you don’t have to launch half-heartedly. Whether you require assistance with market research to define the products or services that you intend to offer as a business or need help devising a strategy that will put your company on the map, calling on outsourced consultants can be far more effective and cost efficient than handling marketing efforts in-house with limited experience and resources or waiting until you can afford to recruit your own marketing executive.

Outsourcing your marketing to a qualified, experienced and knowledgeable agency – like us for example! – is an easy and affordable way to capitalise on expertise that you may not have available to you, particularly during those early stages. A select number of outsourced marketing solutions provide a full range of services and specialisms to ensure a complete and fully integrated campaign that deals with everything from pre- to post-launch. The use of outsourced specialists will also be beneficial when it comes to the development of ideas, concepts that will help you forge ahead with business growth. The fresh insights, industry knowledge and experience brought along by a consultant could help you evolve for the better. Strategy turnaround times and more efficient use of budgets will also be realised when outsourcing marketing to a trusted partner.

Choosing your outsourced marketing partner

With new marketing agencies springing up daily, and both new and established fighting for your custom, choosing your own outsourced marketing partner isn’t easy. However, spending some time sourcing the right agency will ensure you can reap all the rewards that come with outsourcing, whether you are a company just getting started or a time served organisation looking to up your game. Here are our golden rules to choosing the perfect partner…

  • Brush up on your own marketing skills – many agencies use jargon to demonstrate their know-how but by staying informed, you can see through this to choose the right agency.
  • Shortlist based on research and recommendations – 3 to 5 agencies will do, and will give you enough to judge which one or two has the experience, services and tone of voice to suit your company.
  • Invite them to pitch – an all-important pitch will sort the wheat from the chaff! See which agency stands out, knows your business the most and even goes that extra mile.
  • Give them a try – A trial period is an excellent way to test the water, and an ideal route to seeing how the ideas put forward in the previous pitch translate.

Have we made it onto your shortlist? Our marketing specialists can help you kick-start your ascent to market leading status. Contact us today to discuss your requirements – don’t forget to share this post before you go!

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