Post Launch Website Tips – How to Maintain Your Site for Better Business

Matthew 18th April 2018 0 Comments

There’s so much talk about creating the perfect platform to wow audiences, entice customers and outdo competitors, but once your website is up and running the fun shouldn’t stop there. A website has to be kept up to date to ensure it’s performing as well as it should do. For many businesses, their website sits at the forefront of the company, so getting it, and keeping it, spot on is vital.

There are so many reasons why keeping your website fresh matters. Updates not just work to represent your company more accurately to your audience, but can even give you all you need to boost engagement and reach throughout your target market. Here at Square Media, we’re of course pros on the web design and development front, but we don’t leave our clients in the lurch once a website’s up and running. Our post launch help means our clients can stay at the top of their games online and continue reaching out to the customers that are so important to them. On that note, here are our post launch website tips to get you started so you can maintain your website for better business.

Keep your content fresh

Whilst your web copy will sit at the core of your website, keeping the content populating your platform fresh and up to date is essential. Your company blog or news section provides the ideal opportunity to inform visitors about what your company is up to right now. Blogging regularly does in fact garner some pretty impressive results – why do you think we blog so much!

As well as keeping new customers informed and generating repeat business, your blog content will impress the search engines too. Companies who blog regularly (16 times or more per month seems to be the magic number according to the latest stats) enjoy 3.5 times more traffic than those who published no blogs or a measly one per week. Blogs also improve your shareability across the web with 94% of people sharing blog content according to NY Marketing. The right blog content can influence buying decisions, with browsers given the chance to learn so much more about the products or services you offer.

Go beyond the blog

There’s other content on your website too, and it may need freshening up from time to time to ensure your business now is properly represented. Got a new product or service you want to share? Create new or improve your product pages. A key policy or process changed within your company? Add a new FAQ. Thought of a new tool or resource that could improve the customer experience? Get a developer in!

Update to improve the journey

Your customers’ needs will no doubt change over time, and ensuring your website keeps up with them is important. Visiting, reading and interacting with your own website to review the customer experience you offer can give you all you need to boost engagement and update tired or irrelevant features. Think regular website updates could impact on the consistency of your company image? You couldn’t be more wrong. Regular updates that embrace, not go against, your branding are integral to catering to audience needs and providing the best user experience possible.

There are so many ways to keep your website fresh, but remember you don’t have to maintain your website alone. Let us do the hard work for you, and reap the rewards of an updated platform that represents your business and interacts with your audience perfectly.

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