Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch – A Game Changer for Digital Marketing?

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What does the Samsung S8 Launch Mean For Digital Marketing? 

As a Digital Marketing Agency, Square Media are always striving to be at the forefront of understanding and adapting to new technologies. The ‘Samsung Unpacked’ launch event is one of those annual events which (history has taught us) usually leads to seismic shifts in marketing trends, with brands fighting to make sure that they are ahead of the curve and that all new possible marketing opportunities are identified and exploited.

In this article, we discuss some of the innovations announced by Samsung at their unpacked event, and our thoughts on how some of these additions might impact the world of Digital Marketing.

Today’s Launch; 29th March 2017

Besides a few cringeworthy moments, technical glitches and (frankly) bizarre video productions, the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch was remarkably successful – there were some welcome surprises, but mostly Samsung has met most industry expectations for their latest Smart Phone release.

Samsung opened the launch highlighting their ‘Vision for the future of Mobile Interaction’… And although their vision is in line with most industry expectations, how Consumers will ultimately adapt to the technological changes being introduced remains open for debate.

Here are some of the most notable additions with the new Galaxy device;

Some of the most important functionality upgrades include;

A curved ‘Edge to Edge’ display – A fully wrapped screen with a button-less face.

Iris & Facial Recognition Scanner – No longer do you need to set a pin, or a use a finger print to unlock your phone (although the choice is there is you want it!)

Samsung Pass – Link up your Biometrics to your Social Accounts, Websites and Apps so that you never need to use a password again.

Ask an Expert Feature – Currently showcased as an ability of its Samsung Health application to ask a Doctor a question, but we speculate this could easily be extended in the future to offer all manner of industry experts (For example; maybe it won’t be long before you can Ask a Lawyer, Ask a Plumber, Ask an Electrician…).

Samsung Pay – Samsung’s Answer to Android Pay / Apple Pay… But with a big difference. It doesn’t rely solely on NFC and will mean you can use it in 1000’s more locations.

Official Launch of Bixby – Samsung’s Ai / Virtual Assistant Technology.


Where do we see an impact for Digital Marketing?

Bixby for Shopping

samsung s8 bixby vision

Bixby shopping will allow customers to search for products on the internet with their camera.

This is a possible game changer. If you see something you want to buy, point the camera on your phone at that object, and Bixby will find one Samsung’s partners selling that product.

What does this mean for eCommerce businesses? Will there be advertising opportunities to take advantage of? How does your brand ensure you are being found? How do you become one of Samsungs Partners? We can only speculate now, but if consumers adapt to this alteration in purchasing behaviour it is bound to represent a seismic shift in how consumers search for and buy goods online for decades to come.

Internet of Things


A time-old phrase, but with the launch of Samsung Connect App & Home Device, Technology is finally catching pace with speculation and The Internet of Things is now within touching distance (pardon the pun). Again, Retailers will need to adapt to ensure they are taking advantage of the connected journey the Internet of Things provides the consumer, and ensuring they are still able to get in front of the customer at the right time.

Virtual Reality

samsung gear VR

Samsung are continuing to push their VR ecosystem with the introduction of their re-designed 360 cameras, which if industry trends are anything to go by, is picking up pace at an alarming rate. Brands need to start thinking about how they can adopt this new Marketing channel now, as VR really does signal a new era for content delivery – Opening new advertising and PR opportunities. With powerful 4K 360 Cameras capable of live streaming, this really does provide a wealth of new opportunities for businesses that want to engage with their customers in the most meaningful and impactful way that is currently possible.

Samsung Dex

Is this the beginning of the end of Desktop Computers and Laptops? What does this mean for the world of Application Development and Design? It is too early to say, but if Samsung Dex is adopted by the masses it could signal the end for Sales Reps lugging around laptops, and employees being tied to their desks.

Samsung Pass

samsung facial recognition

Samsung Introduce Both Facial Recognition and Iris Scanning Functionality.


Online retailers and services must adapt to the latest methods of allowing consumers to sign in and manage their digital accounts using Biometric Authentication instead of traditional passwords. Imagine being able to complete a purchase in an App or on a website without entering a single login, password or card details – The phone automatically verifying the transaction and your identity during checkout! This goes far beyond the ease of not needing a password anymore, it inspires true consumer behaviour change and has the potential to throw out the rule book on what consumer’s expectations are when it comes to interacting with and engaging with your brands website and mobile applications. User focused web design and application development will continue to be of paramount importance.

In summary… 

Some of these technological announcements have been ‘on the cards’ for quite some time, but with the first release of the Samsung S8 smartphone only around the corner (April 21st), the launch of the S8 demonstrates that technology is continuing to change faster than ever. As with every technology advancement, there will be brands which proactively adapt and those which fall by the wayside.

At Square Media, we will be monitoring the landscape changing over the coming weeks and months as brands and retailers react to changing consumer behaviour – Speak to us if you’d like to be part of that change.

What are your thoughts about the new Samsung S8? Do you think it will live up to the hype? Is your brand prepared for shifting consumer behaviour? Do you think Consumers behaviours will even change?


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