Is it Time to Hit Refresh on Your Company Logo?

Matthew 19th November 2017 0 Comments

With a recent post on Imgur charting the logo evolution of some of the world’s best known brands, it’s obvious that embracing change when it comes to branding isn’t the ‘nail in the coffin’ that it’s often made out to be. If done correctly, changes in branding are good for both company and consumer, strengthening brand identities to capture a greater market share.

We’ve witnessed first-hand the reluctance companies have when altering their brand identity and some of our clients never, ever want to update or refresh their brand, no matter how many advantages you present. Logo wise, our team has seen pretty much everything, Word clipart imagery and all. Whatever your business size or niche, ensuring that your brand is constantly evaluating its identity and keeping it up to date is vital, as our essential guide will prove…

Why is a good logo important?

The power of branding is there for all to see. Your brand should after all be the simplest answer to the questions potential customers have about what you do. Communicating, managing and developing your brand identity should be a part of your operations, but you don’t have to analyse tons of statistics to get to grips with why a good brand, and more specifically a good logo, is important.

Understanding the simple fact that humans are visually driven – studies have documented that whilst words work, visuals are processed far faster by the human brain – should be enough to push the evolution of your brand up your list of priorities. The content and design of your website is one thing, but without a great logo, you won’t achieve the memorability that savvier competitors are achieving. Memorability creates loyal customers, and that’s what every business wants, right?

What are the signs that my brand needs a refresh?

While the evolution of your brand should be a continuous thing, many think that logos have to remain the same to ensure that familiarity and memorability that keeps customers coming back and demonstrates to new consumers that you’re a long-established market leader that they just have to do business with. Yes, you want your customers to recognise your logo, even with the odd tweak here and there, but evolving your identity will show that you are keeping pace with not only the modern world and your market but what your customers need.

If any of the following statements apply to your logo, then it may be time for a change:

  • Your logo isn’t just a representation of your brand, it’s a time travelling experience
  • Your market has moved away from what your current logo represents
  • Your current branding is overcomplicated – sometimes simplicity is better
  • Your brand identity doesn’t show your evolution or journey as a business so far
  • You recently rebranded but didn’t update your logo and now it’s not in sync.

How do I get started?

We’re not going to lie to you, altering your brand identity and creating a logo that works for your business and its market position, industry and customer base isn’t an easy task. However, by remembering that simplicity is preferred by modern day consumers, and testing, tweaking and testing again (and again) you can achieve better representation of what your business is all about. Don’t forget, we can help with all your branding and logo design needs so if you’re ready to refresh, give us a call.

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