Top Tools to Make Social Media Manageable

Matthew 13th December 2017 0 Comments

Social media has unlocked a vast range of advantages for businesses of all shapes and sizes. As well as providing a portal to increased brand awareness, more inbound traffic and improved search engine rankings, use of social media marketing across a multitude of sectors has been linked to higher conversion rates, particularly where the posting of high quality content, images, videos and comments is concerned.

Yes, our favourite, if not slightly annoying, social media networks deliver a wealth of opportunities to those looking to sell their wares. Whilst it may be one of the most cost-efficient methods on the digital marketing scene, posting relevant, audience focused content to social media on a regular basis isn’t half time consuming! According to a recent article by Buffer Social, while there are 2.307 billion active social media users (that’s one third of the world’s population folks), on average social media marketers are only reaching 0.000001% of this total number with their posts, which is all rather underwhelming.

Some social networks are more business friendly than others in terms of reach. For instance, the average LinkedIn user spends just 17 minutes on the site each month but 51% of Instagram users access the platform on a daily basis. Read our latest blog post for more Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses. Whatever your platform or social media marketing mix of choice, making your social media campaign more manageable is down to the tools you use. Here we take a look at the top tools available right now…


Hootsuite certainly springs to mind when it comes to talking about the easy management of multiple social channels. With a selection of plans on offer, ranging from free and professional (priced at £16 per month) to team (£80 per month) and business (£400 per month), you can take control of your social media marketing activities across a range of platforms. Social media marketing is streamlined in one easy to manage dashboard, making the receiving of real time notifications and use of internal conversations all possible from a central hub.


Buffer is another social media management tool that has plenty of features. Sign-up is free, and in just a few clicks you can discover a simpler way to schedule posts as well as track the performance of your entire content offering. Again management of multiple platforms is possible from one place, which means no more wasted time signing into all of your social media accounts. Building a following, something we all strive to achieve through social media marketing, is also straightforward with in-depth analytics available every step of the way.


Known more widely for its how-to resources, HubSpot is fast becoming loved for its social media management capabilities. Like Buffer and Hootsuite, you can start on a free plan and upgrade your package accordingly as your team and social media campaigns grow. Other products are well worth a look in with HubSpot, which promises a complete solution across the entirety of the marketing, sales and customer care journey.

Need a dedicated social media marketer to take care of everything for you? Our social media team goes one step further than the tools mentioned above. From profile setup and strategising to content creation, scheduling and reporting, we’ve got you covered.

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