Our Infographic Heroes of 2017

Matthew 27th December 2017 0 Comments

As you may have noticed infographics are more than just pretty pictures, they have words too, a delightful combination that is making a significant impact across the digital marketing scene. Whether our graphic designers like it or not, the rise (and rise) of infographics is something that businesses can’t ignore.

These excellent marketing tools, used across the likes of so many content marketing and social media campaigns in the last year or so, have the stats to back up claims of better brand awareness, increased traffic and improved search engine optimisation too. Even scientists are in on it, with eye tracking studies proving that browsers pay closer attention to these information carrying images. Across social networks, infographics are liked and shared three times more than any other type of content. Essential tasks like presenting wayfinding information have also been made easier with infographics with people following directions with text and illustrations seeing 323% better results than those who don’t.

Whatever your reason for calling on the power of infographics, one thing’s for certain, modern day internet users are changing their content consumption behaviour. With 90% of information that comes into the brain visual, infographic use is something of a natural progression. Infographics aren’t just relied on by big brands either, your small business marketing campaign can be transformed with some carefully created snippets of content, an impactive topic and title, and not to mention some decent design. Crafting your own however isn’t a walk in the park, that’s where these inspirational infographics come in handy. Hail the heroes of infographics…

Is Your Startup Idea Already Taken? by BuzzFeed

For anyone looking to launch a new business, this handy infographic is an excellent help. Simple in its design, this infographic takes a concept so many would-be entrepreneurs have struggled with – finding a unique business idea. Needless to say there’s more business ideas that haven’t been explored than we thought, that is if you can come up with a company that combines beards and Uber.

How to Be Productive by adioma

An information rich infographic in comparison to our last example and one that helps tackle an issue that even the best of us face from time to time. The infographic provides advice on how to be more productive across seven key areas, namely tech, clothes, hacks, schedule, food and mind. Its simple colour scheme, intuitive layout, short bursts of text and use of icons provides the ultimate easy read.

5 Freelancers That Are Changing the World of Work by LinkedIn

Drawing on the fact that the freelance community is growing rapidly across all industries, this animated infographic makes good use of a topical subject whilst providing the facts we’d all love to know about freelancers. Useful if you are looking to enter the freelance world or supplement your income with an additional gig, this infographic triumph offers an at a glance view of stats as well as further information for those looking to delve deeper into the subject matter.

Unravelling Death in Game of Thrones by Time

This infographic goes against every rule in the book, but still works, although we suspect that’s much to do with the hit HBO series it so lovingly dissects. Please note: this infographic contains Game of Thrones spoilers – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

A great topic can make or break the success of any infographic so find your market, don’t be shy when shouting about all you know and present this information in an attractive, scannable and sharable package.

Need a little infographic help? You don’t have to create these winning pieces of marketing alone, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team today to get started.

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