New Year, New You? 5 Signs That Say it’s Time to Rebrand

Matthew 2nd January 2018 0 Comments

On a personal level the New Year is a time to set all those goals (most of which we won’t stick to) for self-improvement, whether that be improving your diet, getting more exercise or detoxing from the bad habits we pick up in life. So why shouldn’t the same sentiment apply to your business?

Start-up or established company, a good brand can mean the difference between success and failure in your respective market. Consumers are after all rather fickle (no offence intended for any consumers that have stumbled upon this post), with the face value of a business providing the ultimate perception of a company’s customer service credentials, industry wide reputation and advertising prowess, to name but a few things.

Good branding is so much more than creating a memorable logo, a strong brand should be portrayed on all fronts. A good brand has the power to improve recognition, create trust, support advertising, bolster profit, inspire employees, attract talent, boost repeat business AND generate new customers (phew!), and if your brand isn’t achieving these then why the hell not! If you’re unsure about whether 2018 is your year to rebrand, take a look at the following five signs that say it’s time to revisit your branding efforts.

1. Your business has moved on since your last rebrand

Businesses change, they have to to keep up with the continuously evolving demands of the modern day consumer. Your brand is there to state exactly what your company is all about so if your vision simply isn’t reflected then you may have outgrown it.

Whether it’s your business model or strategy that’s changed, the consumers you are looking to target or the market itself, a rebrand would be a wise step forward. Drag your company into the present day with a brand overhaul that reflects your business and what it does completely.

2. Your competition looks (and performs) better than you

As new competitors emerge and old ones evolve you may see yourself swamped in what can only be described as marketplace sameness. Businesses in a multitude of sectors have so easily fell victim to this fate, whether they see it or not. Over time and without carefully planned rebranding, brands almost mimic each other, a fact that gives consumers a difficult decision when choosing the company they want to do business with. Don’t fall into this trap, rebrand and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

3. You’ve received some negative press

Receiving a few bad reviews is simply the way the business world seems to work these days but if a bit of iffy feedback has turned into a sea of negative connotations, we won’t blame you for wanting to start again. A rebrand gives you the simplest and most effective route to salvation and even a chance with customers that had wrote off your brand previously.

4. You want to expand your reach

Expanding into a new marketplace or attempting to connect with a whole other audience is more often than not a great business move. A rebrand makes perfect sense if you are looking to maximise your market reach and could be just what you need to give your ambitious expansion plans a solid foundation.

5. Your brand just looks a bit crap

There are a lot of crap brands out there, which is unfortunate in today’s technologically driven, anything is possible world. Bad looking, poorly resonating brands result in a number of things with some even struggling to up their prices and others not being able to attract the talent or customers that will drive their business forward.

At Square Media, we say “no” to crap brands, it’s one of our many policies. If you’re looking for a rebrand and the measurable benefits it offers then don’t hang about. Start 2018 off on the right foot with a brand that means business.

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