What Does It Mean To Be A ‘Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency’?

Matthew 3rd July 2020 0 Comments

You may often notice that we promote ourselves as a ‘full-service digital marketing agency’ and that we can be your ‘outsourced marketing team’. But what does this mean?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses any activity which takes place online to promote a business or to drive sales. These activities include SEO, social media, remarketing, PPC, blogging, email marketing and so on…

Often, most digital marketing agencies will only provide a handful of these services, and sometimes, only one of them. This can often mean that many businesses need to employ more than one marketing agency to achieve the results they want, and this can occasionally be problematic.

This is where the beauty of full-service digital marketing agencies come in.

So, what does it mean to be a ‘full-service digital marketing agency’?

Being a full-service digital marketing agency means that we offer pretty much every service that is encompassed by the digital marketing umbrella. From SEO and PPC, through to web design and print – we do it all under one roof. 

What is the most significant benefit of being a full-service digital marketing agency?

Being a full-service digital marketing agency means that we can streamline the entire process for our clients. There is no need for them to enlist the help of a Graphic Designer, a Web Developer, a Marketing Agency AND a print provider – they liaise with one marketing agency from start to finish.Another added benefit of this is that our clients will only receive one invoice from one company. We can hear the Accountant’s cheers already!

What does ‘your outsourced marketing team’ mean?

Being your outsourced marketing team pretty much means that we can establish ourselves as your in-house marketing team, just elsewhere! Need a suite of social media posts creating for a last-minute event? Require some content writing for a new page on your website? Or need a flyer designed to promote a new service? We can help.

Anything that you would usually throw at your marketing team, you can throw at us – the only difference is that we are under a different roof.

What are the advantages of having an outsourced marketing team rather than an in-house marketing team?

The best thing about having an outsourced marketing team rather than an in-house marketing team is that you are not paying for the overheads. You are not employing a full-time member of staff to sit there twiddling their thumbs if things get quiet, and you are not paying multiple members of staff to cover the different areas of marketing.

In addition to this, we can also act as an extension of your current marketing team. This is ideal for those businesses that already have a marketing resource in house, but could do with an extra pair of hands to keep things ticking over and running smoothly.

With an outsourced marketing team, the overheads and the full-time salary commitments are eliminated, and you simply pay for our time when it is needed.

What is even better is that you also have access to a suite of marketing professionals, covering a variety of specialisms including Graphic Designers, Content Writers, Social Media Experts, Web Developers and Marketing Consultants.

Think you could benefit from our help? Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your requirements.