What Makes a Successful Web Page?

Matthew 5th September 2018 0 Comments

There are so many factors to consider when building a successful web page, that it can be difficult to know where to start, and with millions of web pages available at just a click of a button, you need to ensure your web page stands out from the crowd.

Have the right content

Have a clear, strong message by telling users who you are, what you offer and how your brand can benefit them. Only provide well-written content that is relevant to your brand and don’t try to bulk out your page by repeating information.

Try to break up your web page with high quality, relevant images and videos that will catch the users eye.

Keep it simple

You have just a few seconds to attract visitors to your webpage and keep them there, so good design and visual appeal are essential. Most professionally constructed web pages often have less going on and tend to keep the design and structure as simple as possible. For simple yet effective web page design, aim to stick to two to three font styles in a variety of three to five font sizes, and use a total of up to three colours.

Performance and usability

A broken or poorly constructed web page will only leave users feeling frustrated, forcing them to go elsewhere. Ensure every aspect of your web page is functional and user-friendly by checking links work, images load efficiently and navigation is clear and in working order.

Mobile friendly

Every day, millions of people are using a mobile device to either load an app, connect to social media or browse the web, so it is fundamental that your web page is mobile friendly. Google prefers website owners ensure that their website is responsive and scales down correctly for mobile devices and it rewards them for doing so by providing them with an increase in rankings, so it is worth making sure your web page is mobile friendly.

Quick loading time

Nobody likes a web page that takes ages to load, and with internet connections becoming faster and faster as the years go by, it’s imperative that your web page loads as quickly as possible. Users who are faced with a slow-loading site aren’t going to wait around for your page to load when they can simply hop back on to Google and find your competitor’s super quick-loading web page in a matter of seconds.

Test your web page speed regularly and act to improve page speed by compressing images as appropriate, optimizing files and avoiding self-hosted videos.

Call to actions

Having a well-designed, fast-loading and functional site is great for attracting users to your page, but if you don’t tell your users where to go or what to do next you will have little or no conversion rate.

A successful web page always includes a clear call to action. Establish what you want users to do and make sure you make it clear to them how they should do it. This will make converting visitors into customers straightforward.

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