Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns of 2017

Matthew 6th December 2017 0 Comments

As 2018 so swiftly approaches, we can’t help but look back on the last year and think what a great time we’ve had. 2017 in particular has been the year for digital innovation and marketing triumphs across all sectors. As a result, our keen eye has been privy to a number of marketing campaigns throughout, not to mention the makers of our own on behalf of our much loved client base. As usual big brands have led the way this year on the marketing scene, with some true masterpieces and not so great campaigns (more on that later) paving the way for new storytelling and promotional tactics, many of which will stick around for 2018.

Taking a rather nostalgic look back, we thought we’d share our favourite marketing campaigns of 2017. With a recent survey from HubSpot revealing that 48% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their content strategy in the next year in a bid to boost their video marketing credentials, who knows, the following may just inspire you ahead of your next marketing campaign.

Worlds Apart by Heineken

We love a thoughtful ad campaign based on tackling the issues that are so common in today’s society. After the epic fail that was Pepsi’s ad with Kendall Jenner, Heineken delivered us a breath of fresh air in its simplest form.

The campaign sees people with opposing political and social views come together to complete the team building activities we’ve all been subjected to in the corporate world. Over a beer (which is Heineken, naturally), participants have the chance to get down to the nitty gritty with surprisingly harmonious results. This real life social experiment is a must watch and offers a bevy of lessons for those looking to market their brand in a thoughtful way. Team this with the campaign’s viral success and needless to say generating leads quickly is a bonus that can be embraced also.

Moments by Volvo

More a cinematic tale than a marketing campaign, Moments is a feat of storytelling and product promotion. In just three minutes viewers are transported through the life of one girl, from her first day at school to the start of her own family, cue the new XC60’s safety feature for a climax of an ending. We didn’t want to include any spoilers so watch it for yourself!

Earth (Shot on iPhone) by Apple

Apple is a nemesis for many, but my gosh, do they create some brilliant marketing campaigns! Their Earth (Shot on iPhone) is our favourite this year, and thanks to its timely release following Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement, it’s become something of a protest piece too. The perfect use of user generated content, beautiful imagery and iconic narration.

 Ostrich by Samsung

We couldn’t mention Apple without throwing in our favourite campaign from their arch enemy. Samsung’s Ostrich succeeds for so many different reasons, thanks to its playful use of a flightless bird and a VR headset. Iconic, dynamic and inspiring, this really is a campaign that will stick with us for some time.

Pastry in a Manger by Greggs

From the creative to the damn right controversial, Greggs hit the headlines this month for all the wrong reasons. Their version of the nativity scene certainly ruffled a few feathers with baby Jesus unfortunately replaced with a sausage roll. A marketing success in its own right, Greggs’ Pastry in a Manger is still quite frankly one Christmas ad campaign we’d rather forget.

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