Our 5 Favourite Christmas Adverts!

Matthew 9th December 2019 0 Comments

It’s that time of year again! We’re so excited for Christmas that we’ve picked our favourite Christmas Campaigns from the past few years.

Dogs Trust Christmas Advert 2019 | A Dog is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

We all love Dogs at Square Media, so obviously we’re going to pick this one. While it’s not promoting a product, it’s something that resonates with a lot of us. It’s quite upsetting that so many dogs are left to fend for themselves when the ‘novelty’ of having a dog for Christmas wears off.

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 #BusterTheBoxer

Continuing with the animal theme, we’ve selected the John Lewis Christmas Advert from 2016. It’s a heart warming advert which is still stuck in our minds 3 years later.

Tesco Christmas Advert 2019 #Delivering Christmas

Tesco have gone with a slightly different style of ad this year. Rather than playing on the ‘cute’ factor, they’ve gone down the nostalgia route & it seems to have worked. It has definitely caught our attention!

Sky Christmas Ad 2019 | E.T. Came Home For Christmas

Now this is unexpected, E.T. came home! This one invokes a lot of nostalgia for lovers of the original E.T. movie. It brings that nostalgic feel of being a kid again, so we’re big fans of this one!

Very.co.uk Christmas Advert 2019 | Get More Out Of Giving

This is a top choice for most of here at Square Media. Very have created an ad which shows what Christmas is about, Giving. It also uses a beautiful rendition of Rudimental’s Feel the Love. Definitely a Christmas advert to remember.

So there you have it, our top 5 Christmas adverts in the past few years! Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or by sending us an email!