The Twelve Marketing Stats Of Christmas

Matthew 29th November 2019 0 Comments

We love Christmas at Square Media, while we’re getting the office ready for christmas, we’ve created a list of 12 Marketing stats which should help you with your Christmas marketing!

  1. On Christmas Day, roughly 6.8 million smart phones will be activated with around 97% of them being iOS or Android devices. This is why making sure your website runs & works smoothly on all devices is so important.
  2. Over 40% of all online purchases will be made on a mobile device of some sort. It’s crucial to make sure your website is mobile friendly otherwise you could lose out on some major business.
  3. Cyber Monday has the highest conversion rate across the festive season!
  4. Almost 70% of people shop online at Christmas, as they can do it from the comfort of their home, rather than step outside into the cold. This is the perfect time to use Google Shopping & PPC Campaigns.
  5. Around 80% of shoppers during Christmas are influenced by the internet, before making a purchase.
  6. In 2018, over 6.6 million people in the UK owned a voice assistant device. Making sure your content can be read by voice assistants (Alexa, Google, Siri) should be a priority.
  7. Online shoppers in the UK spend over £2 billion during the Christmas period.
  8. Internet searches for cocktails peak during the Christmas period, so if you’re writing up cocktail recipes, make sure they’re tagged with structured data to help Voice Assistants read your content.
  9. 47% of online shoppers don’t want to pay for shipping. If your customers have to pay for shipping, they may find another place to purchase from, so if your budget allows it, offer free shipping.
  10.          In-store footfall is reducing, a study in 2018 found that foot traffic to US stores dropped by 7.5%.
  11.         Over 50% of UK users are likely to tweet or mention their Christmas purchases on Social Media. Don’t sleep on Social Media sharing.
  12.         Gen X spend the most during the festive season, with an average of £425 in the UK. Baby Boomers spend the least, with an average of £350, Ok Boomer.

We hope these 12 stats help you & your Christmas Marketing. If you need any help with getting a Christmas campaign live, get in touch with us at Square Media!