The Power of the Landing Page

Matthew 6th August 2017 0 Comments

The digital marketing world is full of jargon and abbreviations, and just one of the terms that may leave you stumped is the humble ‘landing page’. Landing pages are an integral part of PPC, SEO and marketing in general (there we go again with the acronyms). Landing pages are a great way to generate targeted traffic when used correctly, and can provide a great snapshot of the products or services that you provide as well as your wider brand and its activities.

Landing pages are no doubt a powerful tool in marketing, but what do you need to know to take full advantage and embrace the profitable results you desire?

What exactly is a landing page?

Landing pages are essentially web pages that have been created with the sole intention of visitors landing on them. Most landing pages offer a distinct view of a product or service that a business provides, and sometimes even hones in on a particular location for the company to target the customers within.

Landing pages are often seen as standalone features on a website, and in most cases, these dedicated pages will have no navigational ties from a website’s home page.

Why should I use landing pages?

As with any marketing tactic, landing page use has produced tons of stats that provide a thousand reasons why they should be given a try. Around 68% of B2B brands use these types of pages to boost lead generation and improve conversion, and whilst 44% of clicks are directed towards home pages, landing pages are great for driving traffic in the right direction.

In addition to generating leads that convert, landing pages can provide a more targeted approach, delivering results for people who have been searching for a particular product or specific service. The use of landing pages is especially beneficial for companies who have extensive ranges, as home pages showcasing multiple goods and services often don’t afford the individual attention that is needed for people to take action and buy. Landing pages are also an excellent route to higher rankings for local searches.

What makes a landing page effective?

Contrary to popular belief, landing pages aren’t difficult to create or maintain. Let’s start with the layout of your landing page; all landing pages should be geared towards a strong call to action, whether your aim is to encourage visitors to complete a transaction or contact your company for further information. By following the headline-description-image-support-CTA structure, you can provide a succinct journey for visitors. Supporting information like testimonials, security accreditation, case studies or industry awards is optional but could provide the authentication visitors need to make that final step of purchasing with you.

Whilst it’s great to get as much information as possible onto a landing page, less is certainly more in terms of its content. Aim to make your landing page simple and straightforward, demonstrating the value that you can offer with the advertised product or service. Social share buttons are another element that many miss a trick with. As well as delivering another way to contact your company, buttons also encourage the social sharing that will expand your reach even further.

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