The Social Network Rundown 2018 – What’s the Smartest Route for Your Business? (Part 2)

Matthew 17th February 2018 0 Comments

We may have covered the joys of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram in the first instalment of our social network rundown, but there are so many more social media platforms to discover. Finding the right platform for your business is the key to making social media marketing (SMM) work for you. Your choice could in fact open up a whole world of opportunities for those looking to affordably market their company and the products or services it holds dear.

In our latest instalment, we take a closer look at three more social networks so you can determine whether these are indeed the right routes to pursue.


We love a bit of Twitter, but for those looking for instant social media marketing success, the short statuses and lack of visuals may not be your friend. Success on Twitter often relies on one thing – going viral – and for those low on creative ideas or businesses that don’t have an innovative, cutting edge, trend worthy product or service to promote, your Twitter posts may fall on deaf ears. For many, Twitter social media marketing is following as many people as possible to get those much-valued follow backs. With the right knowledge and ideas however, you could gain access to the platform’s 330 million monthly active users.

Those looking to impress a global audience will find Twitter’s worldwide appeal attractive. The platform is now accessible in more than 40 different languages. Companies also looking to connect with millennials (i.e. those aged between 18 and 29 years old) may have found their social media marketing match with Twitter. According to a recent article from Hootsuite, 36% of millennials use Twitter, closely followed by 22% of 30 to 49 year olds.


The social media platform where it pays to shout about all that’s serious about your brand, LinkedIn is a favourite with B2B businesses in particular. Established in 2003, LinkedIn has grown from strength to strength since its foundation and now boasts 500 million users, half of which are active every month. LinkedIn these days however is more than just an online CV.

It may be very popular with recruiters, giving them the ‘at a glance’ information they need to connect their corporate clients with the talent they require, but marketing your business on there is also particularly worthwhile. As well as giving you the perfect platform to build relationships with fellow business professionals, its Groups feature means you can liaise directly with people within your target niche or industry sector. LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail also provides one of the best click-through rates in the land, with Sponsored InMail open rates ranging from 25 to 45%!


Something of a fad in the world of social media marketing, Pinterest still provides an excellent source of inspiration for some 150 million monthly active users. Most pinners (67% to be exact) are aged 40 years or under, meaning those looking to connect with younger audiences through powerful imagery have the ideal base to do just that. As this rather biased article from Pinterest reveals, pinners also buy the products they see, with a whopping 93% using Pinterest to plan for future purchases.

That’s all for now folks, but head back soon for the third and final instalment of our social network rundown 2018. There’s still so much to explore!

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