Top Tips for Effective Logo design

Matthew 9th November 2018 0 Comments

A logo serves many purposes in the modern world of business. An effective logo acts as a recognisable symbol for your brand, and helps your customers identify your products and services at a glance. A professionally designed logo also has the power to convert people into loyal, paying customers. So, when it comes to your branding, the right logo design really is a quintessential component, however, designing one that is both representative of your brand and highlights your company values, without losing its visual appeal requires skill.

Here are our top tips for effective logo design:

Keep it simple

Most people will only look at your logo for less than a second before continuing on their way, so it is important to keep your logo design as simple as possible. If you put too many elements into your logo design, it will be hard for customers to focus on your logo and they may struggle to identify your brand quickly.

Take a look at all of the major brands of today and you will see that even the most inexperienced artist could draw their logos from memory. Most of the time, their logo doesn’t even require a caption or the brand’s name in order for people to identify them.

Make it memorable

The best logos in the world are memorable ones. Even by just reading the names, you’ll probably be able to visualise the logo in your mind. A logo should be easily recalled after just a glance, so, make your logo design is so unique that it will stick in the minds of your customers and be instantly recognised next time they see it.

Make it timeless

The best logo designs never really go out of style. A well-crafted logo should last at least 10 years without the need to re-design. The most beautiful and effective logo is not based on the current trends in the market as they might look good today, however, these can date very quickly and will end up making your brand look old-fashioned.

Will yours stand the test of time? Ask yourself – Will it still be effective in 10, 20 or 30 years?

Make it versatile

The best logo designs can be seen when they are very small on a pencil or very large on a billboard so being versatile goes a long way in making a logo design popular. When you’re in the process of a new logo design or are redesigning an existing logo, you should always think about where the logo will be used and how it will appear. Whether it is printed on a large billboard or on a promotional pencil, it needs to convey its message clearly and effectively in all formats.

Another effective tip to create a powerful logo design is to make sure that it is equally impressive in black and white or greyscale variations. There are many instances when a logo appears without colour e.g. on documents, letterheads or newspaper ads, so you want people to be able to instantly recognise your brand, regardless of colour.

Keep it appropriate

Your logo needs to be appropriate for the type of business you run, but it’s important that you don’t restrict yourself. Your logo doesn’t have to be a literal representation of your business, however, it should have some relevance to the industry you’re in, as well as making it clear to potential customers why your business is relevant to them. For example, a logo using a playful font would be perfect for a children’s activity centre, however, it wouldn’t be appropriate for a funeral director.

We’re not going to lie to you, altering your brand identity and creating a logo that works for your business and its market position, industry and customer base isn’t an easy task. However, by remembering that simplicity is preferred by modern day consumers, and testing, tweaking and testing again (and again) you can achieve better representation of what your business is all about. Don’t forget, we can help with all your branding and logo design needs so if you’re ready to refresh, give us a call.

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