Improving Your Product Pages for Better Business

Matthew 4th September 2017 0 Comments

With business booming throughout the UK online retail industry, we understand exactly why countless companies are currently looking to improve their ecommerce offering. But home and landing page improvements, content amends and advertising campaign tweaks aside, your on-site product pages could provide additional opportunities for even better business with a few changes here and there.

Product pages do after all provide the last word, giving new and existing customers all they need to decide whether purchasing with you is right for them or whether a competitor offers a more fitting solution. Successful product pages are at the heart of every successful ecommerce website, and once created many businesses think that they are set in stone. Those product pages can be improved however, and rather simply, for better conversion and an even greater user experience.

Be clear on what makes a great product page

A product page should provide all the information, assurance and motivation a potential customer needs to make that final step to checkout. Whilst product page content and layout differs from site to site, and from industry to industry, this core objective shouldn’t change. How a business manages the creation of their product pages however is where you can sort the wheat from the chaff.

Product pages are important tools, and just as you’d test the features and functionality of your website, it pays to test the power of your product pages. Through testing, you can identify how your current product pages are performing and how the experience can be improved for better interaction with your customers.

Go clutter free with your layout

Clutter is not big and it’s not clever, no matter how much information you want to give to your customer about the product or service being advertised. It’s so easy to be bit by the clutter bug when creating product pages, but functionality will falter as a result. Opt for simplicity across your product pages by:

  • Avoiding dense text areas – content should be engaging, on brand and straight to the point
  • Providing clear and easy to read recommendations or reviews to build trust
  • Making other essential browsing elements, like your search bar, navigation and colour variations, visible
  • Delivering clear call to actions that are consistent with your brand.

Make product pages super speedy

Nothing riles visitors more than slow loading pages, so don’t let your website fall at the final huddle. Keep product pages speedy, snappy and fully responsive. Overly designed and cluttered pages are not only difficult to navigate for your customers but particularly slow moving. Keep your page speeds high with a simpler layout.

Optimise and get technical

Getting your products found on Google is incredibly challenging, particularly if you are competing with the ‘big boy’ retailers. Ensuring you correctly setup your products with Seach Engines in mind, including necessary SCHEMA data is an absolute MUST. SCHEMA data and correct Search Engine Optimisation techniques will give your products the best chance of appearing in front of your audience on search engines such as Google.

Don’t be scared to advertise & sell through multiple channels

Cross channel marketing is vital. Modern consumers will shop around, there is no getting away from that fact. They will be looking for your products in search engines, but also across other networks such as Amazon, eBay and even on Facebook. You must integrate your website with tools such as Google Merchant Center (using AdWords to promote your products), and feed your products into other platforms wherever possible. This will give your products the best exposure online – Ensuring you have a presence wherever your customers are looking.

Focus on imagery for maximum impact

All product images should be high resolution and inspiring. Offer multiple views of your products with your chosen imagery and provide users with a strong insight into what you have to offer.

Improving your product pages will take time but the result will be well worth it, with better conversion, greater engagement and improved customer confidence just some of the rewards that can be reaped.

Want to improve your product pages but don’t have the time? Let our digital marketing and ecommerce specialists help you create product pages that really connect with customers and convert. Get in touch today!

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