5 Marketing Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn from the Big Brands

Being a small business can be hard, being a new small business can be even harder. From learning to take your firsts steps in your early years, to learning to drive a car later on; the majority of what we learn in life is from our elders, and marketing your small business is no different. [...]

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How Often Should I Publish Blog Posts?

Life does indeed get in the way when it comes to doing those little extras to our company websites, and it appears that the humble on-site blog is the first area to suffer. With recent research revealing that businesses who updated their on-site blog on a regular basis received 67% more leads than those that [...]

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10 Places to Publish Content Other Than Your Website

Over the past few years, the art of guest posting has been misused somewhat. Guest content has declined for a number of reasons, from writers offering unoriginal insights to people over doing self-promotion and compromising quality, audience fit and value in the process. Contrary to popular belief, however, publishing content on a guest basis is [...]

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15 things you need to know about GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation will come into action on the 25th of May 2018. This regulation is designed to strengthen data protection and privacy for both individuals and businesses within the European Union. It will have an impact on all organisations that collect data whether it be on the web or out in the [...]

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Strapline or No Strapline? That is the Question!

With the average human attention span now just eight seconds (that’s less than a goldfish), it’s more difficult than ever to capture the attention of the consumers that will buy your products or services. Keeping things short and sweet certainly helps but consumers still need a bit more than your logo and name to determine [...]

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Google Analytics: Still Massively Underused

One of Google’s most prestigious tools is their Analytics platform. A tool that provides so much insight into how a website is performing (or how it isn’t) and there are still so many businesses that aren’t utilising this tool to make the most of their website / online marketing efforts. There are so many different [...]

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Post Launch Website Tips – How to Maintain Your Site for Better Business

There’s so much talk about creating the perfect platform to wow audiences, entice customers and outdo competitors, but once your website is up and running the fun shouldn’t stop there. A website has to be kept up to date to ensure it’s performing as well as it should do. For many businesses, their website sits [...]

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Planning Your Ecommerce Website – Top Tips for Success

The UK market offers some excellent potential for ecommerce businesses looking to serve a multitude of marketplaces. According to We Are Social, 92% of the UK’s population are internet users, and with that online retail trade is on the rise. The growth of online sales doesn’t seem to be slowed by our impending departure from [...]

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Top Tips for Press Release Writing

We love a bit of good, old fashioned public relations. The world of marketing may be changing for 2018, but there are some practices that see little modification. Whilst we predominantly deliver our carefully crafted strategies online, there’s nothing wrong with spreading the word offline too. Good public relations often begin with a press release, [...]

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GDPR is Coming and There’s No Skirting Around It

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline is on the horizon – I think we’ve mentioned that one before. In fact, after months (and months) of asking whether your website is ready for GDPR, it’s rather crept up on us, but did you know that the regulation applies to businesses based or [...]

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