New Automated ‘Ad Suggestion’ Beta Feature for AdWords Advertisers – Coming Very Soon!

With the new keyword bidding suggestions introduced by Google AdWords a mere three months ago, we were as shocked as anyone to receive word about the new beta feature set to hit the AdWords scene towards the end of September. The boffins at Google have been very busy indeed, but could the feature, which create [...]

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Hiring Freelancers & Contractors – The Last Marketing Agency Taboo?

As an agency, we pride ourselves on delivering a transparent service to all our clients. Our team consists of a vast range of specialists all of which have their own parts to play in the delivery of our many services. We hire freelancers and contractors to cater to the needs of our clients too – [...]

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Is Outsourced Marketing the Next Step for Your Business?

It’s a fact – no one knows your business better than you! But with 90% of start-ups still failing to make the grade in the UK (CB Insights), there’s certainly no shame in getting a helping hand. Poor marketing, poor products, product launch mistiming, lack of business model, cost issues, no market need and getting [...]

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Forget Lead Generation, It’s All About ‘Lead Nurturing’

There are literally countless articles littering the web showcasing the latest lead generation tips for businesses big and small. Whilst lead generation is no doubt the key to building a bigger, better and more profitable business, nurturing the relationships you have with buyers is the secret to long term success. Lead nurturing can be completed [...]

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The Power of the Landing Page

The digital marketing world is full of jargon and abbreviations, and just one of the terms that may leave you stumped is the humble ‘landing page’. Landing pages are an integral part of PPC, SEO and marketing in general (there we go again with the acronyms). Landing pages are a great way to generate targeted [...]

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5 Ways to Market Your Local Business on a Budget

During our time in the industry we’ve worked with clients from all walks of life, that’s why we understand more than most that no two businesses are the same, especially where that all-important marketing budget is concerned. There are no right or wrong rules when it comes to budgeting for marketing activities, and even if [...]

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How to Generate Leads for My Business Quickly

Whatever your industry sector or company size, leads are what makes your business world go round. With Brexit on the horizon and economic uncertainty expected to follow (we know, it’s all very depressing), many businesses are revisiting their lead generation strategies and refocusing their sales efforts as a matter of urgency. Whilst many lead generation [...]

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Just How Important is Visual Marketing in 2017?

With its busy melting pot of conflict, it’s hardly a surprise that inbound marketers are putting more emphasis into their visual marketing endeavours. Based on data from the CMO council, 65% of senior marketing executives think that visual assets (infographics, video, pictures, photography, etc.) are important when it comes to conveying their brand on the [...]

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Optimise Your Marketing Budget

The following suggestions are just a few ways we can help you optimise your advertising campaign’s expenses. No technical blah, blah - we promise - just SMART marketing based advice. 1) To start, figure out what you are attempting to accomplish. Are you trying to get more clients, or are you in the process of [...]

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5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Has Replaced Cold Calling

When it comes to lead generation, cold calling has gone the way of the dinosaur, replaced with digital marketing. Here is a short list of reasons why: - People prefer not to answer calls from strangers. There’s no incentive for them to pick up the phone if they don’t recognize your number. - People have [...]

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