The Twelve Marketing Stats Of Christmas

We love Christmas at Square Media, while we’re getting the office...

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Matthew 29th November 2019 0 Comments

The Rise of Augmented Reality Technology in the Marketing World

With shopping trends continuously evolving, marketers are constantly seeking new...

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Matthew 20th September 2019 0 Comments
Searching discovery perforated paper magnifying glass

16 Simple Ways To Improve Your Site’s Search Rankings

SEO is no quick fix, it can take weeks, months and sometimes even years...

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Matthew 16th September 2019 0 Comments

In What Ways Has Marketing Changed In The Last 10 Years?

Over the last 10 years, marketing has made a huge shift from traditional...

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Matthew 23rd August 2019 0 Comments

Ranking Algorithm Updates – What Are They?

You’ve probably heard the term “Ranking Algorithm...

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Matthew 15th August 2019 0 Comments

What Is Local SEO & Why You Should Be Optimising For It

With Google and other Search Engines giving more leverage to local...

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Matthew 9th July 2019 0 Comments

Today Square Media Turned 6 Years Old

That’s 6 fun-filled years of developing brands, 6 years of helping...

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Matthew 14th June 2019 0 Comments

How to Optimise for Voice Search in 2019

Voice Search is becoming an increasingly popular way to search on the web, so...

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Matthew 27th May 2019 0 Comments

What is HTTPS and Why is it Important?

Whether you are visiting a website to buy a product or hosting a website to sell...

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Matthew 6th March 2019 0 Comments

How to Optimise Your 404 Page for Better User Experience

What is a 404 page? A 404 page ( also known as ‘page not found’ or ‘error page’)...

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Matthew 27th February 2019 0 Comments