5 Marketing Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn from the Big Brands

Being a small business can be hard, being a new small business can be even harder. From learning to take your firsts steps in your early years, to learning to drive a car later on; the majority of what we learn in life is from our elders, and marketing your small business is no different. [...]

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Strapline or No Strapline? That is the Question!

With the average human attention span now just eight seconds (that’s less than a goldfish), it’s more difficult than ever to capture the attention of the consumers that will buy your products or services. Keeping things short and sweet certainly helps but consumers still need a bit more than your logo and name to determine [...]

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Mobile and Text Marketing – More Than Just Spam?

Developing a marketing strategy that works isn’t easy, but finding the channels that really resonate with your audience is the key to success. Text or SMS marketing is a path that some businesses may be wary of treading, after all we’ve all been the recipient of those spammy, sales texts, mostly about PPI. In personal [...]

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Planning Your First Marketing Campaign – Top Tips from the Experts

Wherever your strategy takes you and whichever tactics you choose to explore, marketing your products, services or wider brand unlocks an array of excellent advantages. As well as giving you a carefully crafted voice to showcase what your business does best, marketing enables you to interact directly with new and existing customers whilst building the [...]

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Increase Customer Loyalty Online in 5 Easy Steps

Repeat business is certainly where it’s at – we recently explored that very topic in this blog post. 61% of small to medium sized enterprises said that more than half of their revenue comes from repeat customers, yet still so much focus is put on reaching and engaging with new consumers for better business success. [...]

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The Social Network Rundown 2018 – What’s the Smartest Route for Your Business? (Part 2)

We may have covered the joys of Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram in the first instalment of our social network rundown, but there are so many more social media platforms to discover. Finding the right platform for your business is the key to making social media marketing (SMM) work for you. Your choice could in fact [...]

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Developing a Marketing Strategy That Really Works

In business, strategy is everything, we all know that. But when it comes to marketing, so many still take a ‘suck it and see’ mentality. Marketing trends are evolving continuously, which makes having a plan for your business, whether it’s revised quarterly or annually, more important than ever. Shockingly, some 49% of businesses don’t have [...]

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How to Create a Smooth Customer Journey

Known as customer experience mapping, customer journey optimisation is essential both online and off. Offline whilst a walk through your store will often tell you all you need to know about where your business is excelling and where things have gone wrong, crafting a smooth customer journey online is a little more complex. For owners [...]

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How to Make Your Marketing as Cost Effective as Possible

Not everyone has the big marketing budgets that global brands have, yet the benefits of marketing should be embraced by all. There are numerous low-budget marketing techniques that can be explored to satisfy small and start-up businesses alike as well as companies looking to get a handle on spiralling marketing costs. Obtaining maximum exposure for [...]

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Influencer Marketing – Set to Be the Top Trend of 2018?

There are tons of marketing changes to expect this year but new trends aside, it will be a firm favourite that explodes onto the digital marketing scene this year. The role, and power, of the online influencer is no new thing, it’s something that has been simmering for a number of years, and is being [...]

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