Stop Buying Links, Just Stop!

The world of link building is often considered to be in a bad state. Gaining the links you need to propel your website to new ranking heights isn’t as easy as it used to be, with link building practices evolving far beyond the forum posting and sporadic guest posting ‘strategies’ of yesteryear. Unfortunately, we get [...]

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How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO Success

Whatever new marketing changes 2019 brings, one thing is always certain in the online world, keywords work. The right keywords have the power to take you to a whole other level, particularly when it comes to your search rankings. There’s an art to finding the right ones for your business however. Understanding the aim of SEO [...]

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Google (Finally) Rolls Out Beta Version of New Search Console to All

After much talk and a hell of a lot of testing, it’s finally here. After receiving word via email of Google’s new Search Console, we just had to share the news. We’re pleased to say that in light of the steady information leaks and the trial a few months ago with a limited number of [...]

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The Most Useful Online Tools for Keyword Research

When most people think of SEO, thoughts of painstaking work, backbreaking costs and ineffective, immeasurable results often arise. But don’t let the spammy SEO ‘gurus’ of yesteryear deter you from pursuing a more holistic approach to improving your rankings. We are firm believers in best practice search engine optimisation – you’ll find no black hat [...]

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Fresh Start? Scrap That, Here’s 4 Ways to Make Use of Old Content

It was just last year that the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs’ benchmark study reported that over 60% of marketers with B2B clients found their content marketing efforts had been more effective than the year before. 12 months on and 2018 is all set to provide endless inspiration for all manner of content marketing activity, [...]

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Just a Few Best Practice SEO Tips for 2018 to Get You Started

Before we hear groans of “not another SEO guide”, this post contains tried and tested strategies which will not only stand you in good stead for the year ahead but up your SEO game for the long haul. Here at Square Media, we hate the short lived results that spammy SEO practices so regularly promise, [...]

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5 Quick Tips to Boost Customer Reach

Your customers are more than just important to you, they’re the lifeblood of your business and without their loyal custom, the majority of companies would quickly fall into the abyss. With so many competitors and an increasingly savvy bunch of consumers, holding onto customers and finding new ones isn’t as easy as it used to [...]

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Top Tips for Effective Website Copywriting

Whether you are a traditional, bricks and mortar business or a brand predominantly based online, your website can be your own personal portal to an extended range of potential customers and an even healthier bottom line. Whilst, during the web design and development process, much emphasis is put on creating a platform that is functional, [...]

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Listicles – A Content Marketing Must?

All aspects of content marketing & SEO rely on one premise – that the content you write is not just great but based on the right subject matter and published in the right place at the right time. There are many types of content that are being used to achieve just that, but one very underrated [...]

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Improving Your Product Pages for Better Business

With business booming throughout the UK online retail industry, we understand exactly why countless companies are currently looking to improve their ecommerce offering. But home and landing page improvements, content amends and advertising campaign tweaks aside, your on-site product pages could provide additional opportunities for even better business with a few changes here and there. [...]

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