Just a Few Best Practice SEO Tips for 2018 to Get You Started

Before we hear groans of “not another SEO guide”, this post contains tried and tested strategies which will not only stand you in good stead for the year ahead but up your SEO game for the long haul. Here at Square Media, we hate the short lived results that spammy SEO practices so regularly promise, [...]

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5 Quick Tips to Boost Customer Reach

Your customers are more than just important to you, they’re the lifeblood of your business and without their loyal custom, the majority of companies would quickly fall into the abyss. With so many competitors and an increasingly savvy bunch of consumers, holding onto customers and finding new ones isn’t as easy as it used to [...]

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Top Tips for Effective Website Copywriting

Whether you are a traditional, bricks and mortar business or a brand predominantly based online, your website can be your own personal portal to an extended range of potential customers and an even healthier bottom line. Whilst, during the web design and development process, much emphasis is put on creating a platform that is functional, [...]

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Listicles – A Content Marketing Must?

All aspects of content marketing & SEO rely on one premise – that the content you write is not just great but based on the right subject matter and published in the right place at the right time. There are many types of content that are being used to achieve just that, but one very underrated [...]

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Improving Your Product Pages for Better Business

With business booming throughout the UK online retail industry, we understand exactly why countless companies are currently looking to improve their ecommerce offering. But home and landing page improvements, content amends and advertising campaign tweaks aside, your on-site product pages could provide additional opportunities for even better business with a few changes here and there. [...]

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Forget Lead Generation, It’s All About ‘Lead Nurturing’

There are literally countless articles littering the web showcasing the latest lead generation tips for businesses big and small. Whilst lead generation is no doubt the key to building a bigger, better and more profitable business, nurturing the relationships you have with buyers is the secret to long term success. Lead nurturing can be completed [...]

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SEO Isn’t Dead, Just Modified

I know in recent posts I’ve made some not-so-positive comments about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and why it goes wrong for so many businesses… But to make something clear, SEO is great. It is not dead, in fact it is very much alive and kicking… It has however metamorphized into a much more mature and complex [...]

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If an SEO Agency tries to sell you links, run! Run Fast.

My names Matthew, the Director here at Square Media. I'm sick and tired of client's and 'expert' SEO agencies talking about buying links. It does not work, and does more harm than good. Even more annoying, is that you don't even need to buy links - It's a complete scam. Instead, if your company spends [...]

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Your Digital Election!

Display Networks, SEO or PPC who should get your vote? After the shock announcement that there is shortly to be a snap general election on the 8th of June, the time is almost upon us to signal our allegiance to a particular candidate by putting an “x” in a box as we pop off to [...]

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Are These 7 Website Design Elements Helping or Hurting Your Conversion Rate?

Website design, like most things, flows with the influence of trends. A new shiny feature comes along and quickly everyone wants to apply it on their website. The setback is that at times, the shiny newness of a feature clouds our ability to judge whether or not that feature is really improving user experience on [...]

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